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Chiropractic Services & Fees

Dr. Miron offers a variety of approaches to your care.  Treatment may consist of specific chiropractic adjustments (using either Diversified, Thompson technique or Activator), joint mobilization, myofascial release therapy, light therapy and/or TENS therapy.  One or more of these services may be recommended based on your unique presentation or preference.  Along with this, rehabilitation exercises may be prescribed and lifestyle advice may be provided as appropriate.  Learn more about what Dr. Miron offers by clicking the following links.


Fee Schedule

Chiropractic Spinal Care
Chiropractic Spinal Care - Aurora

Many acute and chronic conditions of the back and neck improve with chiropractic care.  Chiropractic restores mobility, reduces pain and improves function. More

Pregnancy Care
Pregnancy Care - Aurora

Many pregnant women choose safe and effective chiropractic care during their pregnancy. Chiropractic care promotes optimal function and helps the body adapt to the many changes that occur. More

Pediatric Care
Pediatric Chiropractic Care - Aurora

Kids need chiropractic too! From infancy to adulthood, as different developmental milestones are reached, the spine must adapt to changes taking place. More

Work / Occupational Injury Care
Work Injury Care - Aurora

If you were injured on the job, WSIB may cover the cost of care.  Chiropractic care is focussed on recovery, rehabilitation, prevention and early safe return to work. More

Wellness & Maintenance Care
Chirpractic Wellness Care -  Aurora

The purpose of chiropractic wellness and maintenance care is to optimize spinal function including joint mobility, alignment & posture. With the body in balance you will move better, function better and feel great. More

Posture Care
Chiropractic Posture Care - Aurora

Does your posture stand up? Poor posture can cause neck pain, back pain and headaches.  It not only affects your appearance but can also drain your energy, impede your breathing and accelerate spinal degeneration. More

Extremity Care
Extremity Care - Aurora

Shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, feet... If you are concerned about extremity pain or injury, focused extremity care can help. More

Modalities - light therapy and TENSTENS - AuroraLight Therapy - Aurora

Modalities are physiotherapy tools that may be incorporated into a treatment plan.  They provide local pain relief without the use of medications. More

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