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Chiropractic Wellness & Maintenance Care

What is Chiropractic Wellness and Maintenance Care - What is Involved?

The purpose of chiropractic wellness and maintenance care is to optimize spinal and nervous system function.  With your body in balance, you will move better, heal better, function better and feel better overall.  Daily activities of living, minor traumas and poor sleep position result in joint wear and tear, joint dysfunction and muscle tension.  Even stress and state of mind can have an impact on these and affect one’s perception of pain or discomfort.    

A Healthy Spine = A Healthy Body

Chiropractic wellness and maintenance care involves regular spinal check-ups to assess for and correct subluxation (joint restriction or misalignment) with the goal to optimize function and prevent injury.  The most common frequency of care recommended for wellness is a once per month schedule.  Some patients may choose to visit more frequently if their lifestyle demands it.    

Remember: Pain is not the best indicator for state of health or function.  While pain may be your body’s warning signal that something is wrong, lack of pain doesn’t mean that everything is fine.  Lack of symptoms does not equate to health - health is reaching an optimal state of well-being. While most chiropractors recommend maintenance care for prevention and wellness, the decision is in your hands.  If you prefer treatment only when symptomatic, you are welcome to opt for that.

Illness-Wellness Continuum


Your Spine is Related to Your Whole Health

Your spine protects your spinal cord which is a part of your central nervous system.  Between each pair of vertebrae in your spine, there are nerve roots that come out on either side.  These nerve roots send nerves to your entire body including all your muscles, joints, organs and all body tissues.  Thus your spine is intimately connected to your nervous system.  A spinal misalignment may not always cause pain but may cause interference or impair communication.  Because optimal communication is essential for optimal healing and optimal overall health and function, a misalignment may affect your whole health.  Thus chiropractic adjustments can correct spinal misalignment and may impact your whole health.  Chiropractic is not intended to treat or cure problems not of musculoskeletal origin, however, many patients do report other benefits beyond the purely physical.


Tooth Care and Spinal Care are Similar!

Chiropractic maintenance care is similar to dental maintenance care.  Regular spinal check-ups and adjustments are analogous to regular professional dental cleaning.  Regular exercise and stretching is analogous to regular flossing and brushing.  While neither chiropractor nor dental maintenance care may 100% prevent problems from arising, they are both definitely beneficial to health and reduce the risk for problems arising.  Whereas dental maintenance optimizes gum and teeth health, chiropractic maintenance optimizes spinal joint function and neurology.


So, if you are looking for a family wellness chiropractor in Aurora, Ontario, Dr. Miron would be pleased to assist you with your goals.


Autonomic Nervous System

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