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Chiropractic Pregnancy Care In Aurora & York Region

Many pregnant women choose safe and effective chiropractic care during their pregnancy.  As pregnancy and birth are natural processes, chiropractic care promotes optimal function and helps the body adapt to the myriad changes that occur, some of which cause pain.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is a gentle, non-invasive, natural and drugless form of care. The goals are to balance pelvic alignment and to address any musculoskeletal contributors of pain/discomfort. Regardless of whether or not there is pain, every pregnant women should have a chiropractic checkup to determine if there is any biomechanical imbalance as correcting these may help ease pregnancy and birth.

Dr.Miron is recognized by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) as a Webster Certified Chiropractor. Webster’s Technique is a special technique for pregnant women that addresses alignment and function of the pelvis.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for the Mother:

  • creates balance in the pelvic joints, muscles and ligaments preparing the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth
  • removes abnormal tension in the ligaments supporting the uterus thus reducing aberrant tension on the uterus
  • helps balance the mother’s nervous system which controls and coordinates all of her body’s systems and functions
  • decreases potential for unnecessary intervention
  • helps to relieve back pain during pregnancy

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for the Developing Baby:

  • pelvic balance in the mother allows the baby greater room to develop (ie: removes intrauterine constraint)
  • offers the baby greater room to move into the best position for birth



So, if you are looking for a pregnancy chiropractor in Aurora or York Region, or a Webster certified chiropractor in Aurora or York Region, Dr. Miron would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.


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