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Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are special insoles for your shoes that realign your feet into a more normal or balanced position.

Your feet are your foundation. Poor alignment or faulty mechanics at your feet can affect function and alignment of joints higher up in your body via the kinetic chain.  This can cause or contribute to pain at the feet, ankles, hips, the back and even the neck. Thus...

The key for better HEALTH for your BODY can be right under your FEET.

Dr. Miron orders custom orthotics from The Orthotic Group using Gait Scan Technology.  This involves having you walk barefoot across a pressure mat which records how much and where you are putting pressure on your feet as you walk or stand.  Your unique scan is compared to an ideal foot to design a custom orthotic which will correct your specific mechanical issues. 

Call today to learn more about orthotics & to make an appointment for a complementary scan of your feet with the TOG Gait Scan.

70% of people think that foot pain is normal. It’s not.

If you have any of the following, you may benefit from foot orthotics:

  • foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, low back pain
  • flat feet, low arches or over-pronation
  • high arches or supination
  • metatarsalgia (pain at the ball of the foot)
  • plantar fasciitis or heel spurs
  • achilles tendonitis
  • functional short leg or structural short leg
  • morton’s neuroma
  • bunions
  • shin splints

Benefits of orthotics:

  • shock absorption
  • correction of functional or structural short leg
  • arch support
  • helps reduce biomechanical aches and pains
  • restores alignment at ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and back
  • improves posture
  • increases athletic performance (by restoring alignment and reducing fatigue)

Orthotics come in a variety of styles to fit all types of footwear & lifestyles:

  • Dress Orthotics: DressFlex & FashionFlex orthotics are designed for narrow cut dress shoes, high heeled shoes or dance shoes.
  • Casual Orthotics: SuperFlex, KidsFlex & CushionFlex are casual orthotics designed for versatility, childrens’ casual shoes and walking shoes respectively.
  • Sport Orthotics: Designed for specific athletic activities - orthotic styles include SportFlex, EagleFlex, CourtFlex, SkiFlex, SkateFlex, SoccerFlex and RunFlex
  • Specialty Orthotics: Styles include UCBL, DiabeticFlex, GaitPlate and SafetyFlex.



York Region custom orthotics - Effect of overpronation on posture

The image at left depicts how over-pronation (inward roll of the foot) affects posture leading to a flat arch, inward torsion of the knee and pelvic tilt.  This will give rise to a compensatory “functional scoliosis” in the back.  If uncorrected, over time, suboptimal mechanics can lead to uneven wear, joint irritation and early arthritis.

So, if you are looking for custom orthotics in Aurora or York Region or you’d like more information, call Dr. Miron today.

The cost of foot orthotics is covered by most extended healthcare and insurance plans. Check your policy for the specifics of your coverage.

Custom Foot Orthotics Aurora
Custom Orthotics - Overpronation Correction
The Orthotic Group - Gait Scan Technology
The Orthotic Group - Gait Scan Report

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